St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Our Class Saints

This year all our classes have named themselves after a saint.  They have thought very carefully about which saint they would like to have the qualities of.  Here are the saints each class chose.

Nursery - St Bernadette

Reception - St Valentine

Year 1 - St Swithun

Year 2 - St Ambrose

Year 3 - St George

Year 4 - St Francis of Assisi

Year 5RS - St Margaret Clitherow

Year 5BP - St Hilda

Year 6EF - St Paul

Year 6AS - St Therese of Lisieux

Each class have researched their saint and will celebrate their saints day by writing and leading a whole school worship.

Nursery Class Liturgy : St Bernadette

Reception Class Liturgy : St Valentine

 On Friday 3rd March , Reception led a liturgy about Saint Valentine. We explained all about St Valentine and where Valentine's Day came from.  Valentine's day is on February 14th and it is a special day when people show their love. We thought about the people in our lives who we love and shared ways in which we can show our love to others. We finished our liturgy by giving each class a beaded heart to remind them to show love to each other every day. 

1SS Class Liturgy : St Swithun

2RC Class Liturgy : St Ambrose 

St. Ambrose's feast day is 7th December. He is the patron Saint of bees and beekeepers. Year 2 made bees for the St Ambrose display outside the classroom. Year 2 also made St Ambrose stained glass windows for their RE book covers.

                                                            Image result for st ambrose prayer    IMG_3675.JPG    IMG_3676.JPG

3JK Class Liturgy : St George

On Friday 28th April, Year 3 led a liturgy about St George. Through reading and drama we explained who St. George was and why he was made a Saint. St. George was a martyr, someone who died for their faith. A bloom is supposed to have grown on his grave so we gave each class a red rose to remember St. George and how we can be brave like he was.

4EQT Class Liturgy : St Francis of Assisi

On 7th October, Year 4 led a liturgy all about the life of St Francis of Assisi, led off by Jasmine, who was born in Assisi! We explained that St Francis, the patron saint of animals and ecologists, chose to lead a life of poverty and service, taking care of God's animals and creation. We dramatised a time in his life when he tamed a wolf who'd been terrorizing villagers. We showed some of our 'stained glass' images of animals  and handed out bird biscuits we'd made to help feed the wild birds. We sang Make me a Channel of Your Peace,  based on the prayer of St. Francis, which we say in class everyday. St Francis was the first to create a Nativity scene to decorate a church at Christmas! We hope that we can all use the example of his life to treat all of God's creatures with respect and to avoid the temptation to want expensive things.

5RS Class Liturgy

On Friday 24th March, our class led a liturgy about Saint Margaret Clitherow. We created a film in Albus Cubus that told the story of Saint Margaret's life and how she became an important saint in the Catholic Church. We also had readings that explained that Margaret became a martyr. This means she was put to death because of her beliefs.
Margaret sheltered priests (who at the time were banned from celebrating Mass) and refused to deny the Catholic faith. When she was taken to court, Margaret said that she would be judged by God alone. She sacrificed her own life so that her family and friends would not be put in danger.
We made prayer cards for ourselves and our families so that we can ask for Saint Margaret's help to be courageous during difficult times.

5BP Class Liturgy : St Hilda

6EF Class Liturgy : St Paul

6AS Class Saint Liturgy

On Friday 30th September, our class led a liturgy about Saint Therese of Lisieux. Through readings, singing and drama, we explained who St Therese (the 'Little Flower') was and how we can make a difference by performing little acts of kindness.