St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Easter is the pinnacle of the Catholic calendar, when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Through his death, Christ saved mankind from bondage to sin, and He destroyed the hold that death has on all of us; but it is His Resurrection that gives us the promise of new life, both in this world and the next.

In 2017 Year 4 returned to St. Joseph's Church to tell the Easter Story,  combining wonderful singing and role play to Roll Back the Stone unveiling the truth of God's Love.

In 2106 Year 4 used 3rd Millennia technology to tell the two thousand year old story, mixing live vocals with new video techniques in our Albus Cubus studio. They were transported to Jerusalem via a green screen and brought the story to life in order that we could all appreciate what happened and how it still affects us today.

Join us as we Roll Back the Stone and celebrate!