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Year 3 Rowan Class

Mrs  Sheridan - full time class teacher and Science Leader

Mrs Hird - full time Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wilson - PPA cover every Thursday afternoon

Mrs Mitchell - lunchtime supervisor

Jude is our class saint.    

Hope is our virtue.


Our Learning 

In Year 3 we want our children to be safe, happy, excited and challenged to be the best they can be.  Our learning environment is shaped by an understanding of what children can achieve, and by delivering teaching and learning opportunities that meet individual needs.  We want them to have 'the best days of their lives.'

Through our curriculum we aim to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and creativity.   Children are encouraged to ask questions and become lifelong learners.  The topics enable pupils to build on skills from previous years whilst providing opportunities to teach and learn new subject knowledge.  The topics that will be taught this year in Rowan show a full coverage of the National Curriculum as well as providing learning opportunities that will capture the creativity and imagination of our children. It is through these topics we endeavour to Believe in God, ourselves and others. 

Our topic work this year begins in the Autumn with ‘Ancient Egypt’, and will be followed by ‘Yorkshire’ and ‘The Tudors’ after Christmas with ‘Rainforests’ in the Summer term. We are planning an exciting array of activities, trips and visitors, which we hope, will fire their imaginations, harness their enthusiasm and improve their writing. We also have an exciting involvement with the Leeds Diocesan Choral program whereby children are taught singing once a week for two terms by a specialist teacher.

Our learning also extends beyond home time with an array of after school clubs which Year 3 pupils can participate in.  During the Autumn term we had Science Club and football.  In the new year BSL classes are being delivered, Karate and a choir group.


  • P.E day is Tuesday.  Pupils will need plain black jogging bottoms or shorts, a white t-shirt and jumper.   They will also need pumps.
  • Reading books will be changed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.   Please read with your child as regularly as possible.  In class, children take part in whole class guided reading three times a week. We also have an ongoing class book which we try to read together at least three times a week. The more practice, the more confident and fluent your child will become whilst developing their own vocabulary.
  • Outdoor learning takes place on Thursday. Please ensure your child has wellington boots in school especially during the winter months.
  • School water bottles are 40p
  • Healthy snacks can be purchased from the school tuck shop at breaktimes for 40p an item.
  • Spellings are set on Mondays.  The spellings are usually checked on a Friday but are also used throughout the week to support our writing.


If you do have any questions then please get in touch. Email 


Please read with your child as regularly as possible.  We ask for a minimum of three times a week.  Daily if possible. Reading books are required in school each day. We try to read with each child so their book needs to be accessible. If your child has read their book and their diary is signed then it will be changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  We ask that you read not only school books but books from home, comics, non-fiction books etc.  The library in Keighley is free to join and is a great way to access more texts.

When reading please check for understanding of the text alongside your child being able to 'decode' the words. 


Practise times tables on a regular basis.

The  2,  5,  10  times tables should be known by heart.  Followed by the 3, 4, 8 times tables.  Once these are known please support your child in learning the rest of the times tables.

When your child is in Year 4 they will complete a statutory times tables test  (June 2023).            

Yearly Overview

Summer 1 & 2 Fabulous Facts

Spring 2 Fabulous Facts

Spring 2 Takeaway Homework

Spring Fabulous Facts

Spring  Takeaway Homework

Spring Letters

Autumn Fabulous Facts

Autumn Takeaway Homework

Autumn Letters