Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Keighley

Mrs S Long


  Mission Statement

Building a community of excellence with God's guiding love


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Our School Prayer

God Our Father, bless our school,
Bless our teachers, bless our friends

And bless each one of us.
May we work and play together;

Always glad to help each other.
May we live and grow together,
Happy in your loving care.






Ordination of Bishop Marcus

Friday 14th November

A celebration to mark the ordination of Bishop Marcus at Leeds Cathedral with the schools, colleges and University of the Diocese of Leeds. Bishop Marcus was presented with a welcome card from our school




Learn By Heart Assembly

stjosephs_kly @stjosephskly

30 Jan This week in reception they have been doing diagraphs and triagraphs. http://t.co/qHiHltl877

30 Jan Year 5 have been planning their mystery story's.

30 Jan This week 2GW have been Looking at toys from around the world http://t.co/F6FgNAwwEb

Winmarleigh Hall 2014 Pictures

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