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Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Keighley

Mrs S Long



  Mission Statement

Building a community of excellence with God's guiding love


Our School Prayer

God Our Father, bless our school,
Bless our teachers, bless our friends

And bless each one of us.
May we work and play together;

Always glad to help each other.
May we live and grow together,
Happy in your loving care.









Learn By Heart Assembly

 Presenting a cheque at Leeds Cathedral for the money raised during Lent for The Good Shepherd Appeal.

stjosephs_kly @stjosephskly

17 Oct This week 4 have gone to Skipton castle, Eire valley and many other places to tour around.

17 Oct 1SS have been learning about odd and even numbers.

17 Oct 2GW have been pretending to be palaeontologist using chocolate chip cookies

Winmarleigh Hall 2014 Pictures

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