St Joseph's Catholic Primary School



Welcome to the section of the website where you can find out more about our school governors and the work that they do.


The main role of the governors is one of monitoring and evaluation to support the headteacher and staff of the school.  We help them to set and reach targets and to strive for excellence across the whole spectrum of school life.


We have a legal responsibility to:

  • Monitor the Catholic life of the school
  • To monitor the Religious Education provided by the school
  • Ensure that the National Curriculum is followed
  • To oversee the school’s budget
  • Monitor the condition of the school buildings and grounds
  • To ensure that Special Educational needs are met


The governing body operates under a circle model whereby the full governing body meets together once a term.  There are also other committees that meet twice per term and feedback information to the full governing body; committees cover specific tasks e.g. school improvement, finance and general purpose, headteacher’s performance management etc.


There are several categories of governor, appointed by different bodies that have an interest in the school. These are Foundation governors, Parent governors, Staff governors and LEA governors.  All governors have equal status, however they were appointed.


St Joseph’s governors are committed to their goal of achieving an excellent learning environment, within a Catholic setting, for all pupils during their time at our school. They are focused not only on educational achievement but on the school’s other values, which are vitally important.


Governors and the Clerk mostly carry out their duties during evening meetings and may attend training sessions and seminars to help them do their job effectively.


If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact the school office.  Tel: 01535 605880


From 1st December 2014 the Governing Body consists of 7 foundation governors, 2 parent governors, 1 headteacher, 1 staff governor and 1 LA governor


Mrs S Dematteis

Foundation Governor

SEN, Child Protection and Children Looked After


Year 1 Link governor


Finance Committee

School Improvement

Mrs D Morrisroe

Foundation Governor

SEN, Child Protection and Children Looked After


Year 5 Link governor

 Vice chair

School Improvement

Mrs G Burgess

LA Governor


Year 2 Link governor


 Finance Committee
Mr J Marron

Foundation Governor


Year 6 Link governor

 Finance Committee
Fr Dennis Cassidy

Foundation Governor


Year 3 Link governor

 Parish Priest at St Joseph's


Mrs J Hutton

Foundation Governor

(From March 2015)

Mrs S Wood-Ripley

Parent Governor

(from March 2015)

 School Improvement
Mrs C Nicholson

Parent Governor

Nurture Room Link governor

 School Improvement
Mr J Devlin Headteacher Governor  
Mrs A Sampson

Staff Governor

Health and Safety

 Year 6 teacher
Mr C Pomery Clerk to the Governors (can be contacted at the school office)


Click here to see register of interests for our governors and also details of anyone who have served in the last 12 months.

Click here for the 2014-15 GOVERNOR IMPACT STATEMENT