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“Believing in God, ourselves and others”

Whether you are from an established family within the community, a new parent, an interested visitor, pupil or governor I am sure you will find something of interest in our website.


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21 Jan Today we named our skeleton "Fred", a fine boney specimen who helped us learn about different bones, joints and mov… https://t.co/6ePYIDJ1QD

21 Jan A ‘Keepy Uppy’ football challenge today, see how many times you can keep the ball up without it dropping. Alfie has… https://t.co/MqveGyiPEs

21 Jan We are very proud of our Mass bookmarks in Elm Class. Every day, when we are reading, they will remind us of the di… https://t.co/oFIFcCCDgb

20 Jan The children in Nursery wanted to make a den this afternoon and pretend it’s a cave this is what happened.......The… https://t.co/s1vM1v7wuy