St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


There are hundreds of apps and websites to work on your skills at home, for example:

Times Tables - Multiplication Facts

  • Tractor Multiplication - use your tables to win a tractor tug of war
  • Grand Prix - put fuel in your race car's tank using your tables to win the race
  • Meteor Multiplication - save your space ship from destruction by using your tables to shoot down approaching meteors
  • Penguin Jump -  use your tables to help your penguin jump from one ice flow to the next
  • Space Racer - dodge the giant asteroids using your times tables to steer your space ship - this is quite hard, because you ship travels fast

 Your computer may need two pieces of software to run these games, one is called "Java" and the other is called "Flash Player".

These are already on most Windows computers, but are free to download if your computer doesn't have them already. Please ask your parents and the computer's owner for permission before downloading this software on to the computer.

Websites - Test your mental maths agility and skills on this Countdown game then try and beat the clock to make the longest word possible. Interactive Numeracy Games - Interactive Whiteboard, Numeracy Interactive Numeracy Games - Including the always enjoyable 'Hit The Button'

SumDog & MyMaths – Both will work on tablets if you download Puffin Academy

Alien Addition – Practise addition using invading spaceships

Are you a Math Magician? – Practise multiplication,addition,subtraction and division

BBC Camel Times Table – Practise times tables

BBC Starship Maths – Various Maths games

AAA Maths – Comprehensive set of interactive maths activities

BBC Number Time – Numbers games

KS1 BBC Maths – KS1 Games and activities

KS2 BBC Maths – KS2 Games and activities

Maths Zone – Lots of KS1 & KS2 resources

Mental Gym – Maths workout

Numeracy Games – Large selection of maths games

Primary Maths Games Arena

C4 Puzzle Maths – Take a maths challenge

Ancient Egyptian Maths – Excellent resource for exploring number values

Cool Math – An amusement park of math and more. Games designed for fun

Math Playground – Play with numbers games


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