St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Useful Links

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BBC Solar System – Explore the solar system through video clips

BBC Pods Mission- Have fun with science: discover bones,electricity, solids and liquids

C4 Learning Science – Science essentials website. Explore life, Material World and Get Physical

Exploratorium Science Explorer – Explore fun science experiments

Food Chains – Discover different food chains

HowStuffWorks Science – Search all things science. Discover how different types of science work

KS2 BBC Science  – Learn about living things, materials and physical processes

Natural History Museum Kids – The fantastic Natural History Museum for kids.

The Blobz guide to electronic circuits – Learn about electronic circuits


Artefacts Library

Ancient Egypt

BBC History for Kids

BBC All about the Romans

BBC Famous people through history

BBC Children of Victorian Britain

BBC A history Timeline

History for Kids at Kids Past - Take a tour around lots of the exhibits and play some games. Great for History homework!


BBC Geography Games

BBC Learn Landscapes Map Skills – Learn about maps and landscapes game

BBC What is Weather? – Find out about weather

Geography Image Bank – Large collection of geography images

Google Earth – Explore the Earth

Map Zone Games – Geography games

Maps that teach – Interactive maps

National Geographic for kids



BBC School Radio and Podcasting

Kid Smart E-Safety

E-Safety Think You Know Ages 5-7

E-Safety Think You Know Ages 8-10

Find Icons

Find free photos on

Royalty Free Music Clips

Find Sounds

Free Classroom Clip Art

Learn to type with BBC Dance Mat Typing

Learn to type with these games

Practising Mouse Control

Scratch-Create interactive stories and games

Spreadsheet recognition


Abstract Editor Bomomo

Art Attack

Art Gallery for Kids BMAG – BM&AG Kids Online gallery

Art Games

Brushter – Create abstract art

Picasso – Create your own Mr Picasso head

Arcimboldo – Create your own fruit face

Imaginary city – Create your own imaginary city at Tate Kids Online

Collage Machine –  Create a collage

Wallover – Create an abstract wallover

Still life painting – Create your own still life painting

Create a portrait

Motion Painting Machine

Doodle Studio by Kerproof  – Online doodle studio

What is Perspective? – Find out how the great artists worked with perspective

I am an artist

Free Image Bank – Various free art images

Material World – Learn about materials from which works of art are made

Tate Kids

Explore colour game

The Junior Cartoonist

Create your own comic and cartoons

National Gallery of Art -Kids

Sea Saws Interactive

3D Twirler- Design & texturize 3D shapes


BBC Musical Mysteries – Help Robbie solve the musical mysteries

FindSounds – Search the web for sounds for your podcasts or movies

Sing Up Song Bank – Songs, Music and Lyrics

The Street – Learn about instruments and musicians in different countries


The Science of Music – What is music?

Quincy and The Magic Instruments – Learn about different instruments and the sounds they make