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Our Academy Council (Governors)

We have a single Academy Council which works for the three Keighley Catholic Primary Schools. This was established in November 2020. 

Chair of Governors

Mr Nick Watson

Vice Chair

Mrs Sharon DeMatteis

Foundation Governors

Mrs Margaret Ward,

Mr Wesley McGlinchey

Cannon Michael McCreadie,

Mrs Lucia Simpkin,

Mrs Sharron Jowett

Fr Tony Rosso

Mrs Sarah Wood-Ripley

Staff Governors

Mrs Anita Sampson

Executive Headteacher

Mr John Devlin

Heads of School

Mrs Catherine Mitchell (Our Lady of Victories)

Mr Andrew Arnold (St Joseph's)

M Paul Booth (St Anne's)

Parent Governors

Mr Andy Los

Mrs Naveeda Malik

Mrs Carmel O'Neill-Linyard

Clerk to the Governors

Ms Hannah Hay




Each of our governors has a special role in school. We try to get into school to visit as often as we can.


Attendance and Behaviour

Mrs Jowett, Mrs Malik

Leadership and Management (incl appraisal)

 Mr Watson and Mr McGlinchey

Health and Safety

Mrs Wood-Ripley, Mrs O'Neill-Linyard

Standards and Achievement

Mrs DeMatteis, Mrs Sampson

Teaching, Learning and Staffing

Mr Los, Fr Michael McCreadie, Mrs O’Neill-Linyard


Mrs Margaret Ward and Fr Tony Rosso

Safeguarding / SEND/ Health and Safety

Mrs DeMatteis, Mr McGlinchey

Key Pupils Groups ( LAC, Pupil Premium)

Mr Nick Watson and Mrs L Simpkin



Admissions Committee - Mr Watson, Mrs DeMatteis, Mr Devlin.

Finance Working Party members - Mr Watson, Mrs Wood-Ripley, Mr McGlinchey


Mr Devlin is also a director of the Blessed Christopher Wharton Trust.

Mrs Wood-Ripley and Mrs Ward are also governors at Holy Family School. None of our governors have a financial interest in our school.


Click here to see the statutory information about our academy council.