St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Some of the key policies that govern our school are here. Click on the links below to download copies of the policies.

Copies of all our policies are available in paper format from the school office.


Safeguarding policies :

Please see SAFEGUARDING section under STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS banner for more relevant information and documents.



 School and Trust policies - click on the links below.

Acceptable Use Policy  Acceptable Use Pupil agreement

 Accessibility Plan

Admission Policy
Admission policy   St Joseph's Nursery Admissions Policy

Attendance policy  - Keighley Schools Together attendance policy

 Anti-Bullying Policy - Trust Policy

Behaviour,  Discipline and Exclusion Policy  -   Behaviour and discipline policy

Suspensions and Exclusions Policy - Suspensions and Exclusions Policy 

Charging and Lettings Policy Charging and Lettings Policy.

Complaints Procedure Complaints policy 2023

Data Protection Policy Data protection policy

DSAR Policy DSAR policy

English policy  -  English Policy

Equality Policy Equality Policy   Race Equality Policy 

Homework Policy - Homework policy

Inclusion Policy Inclusion policy

Presentation of Work Policy    Presentation and Book policy

Privacy policy for pupils and parents-  policy

School Internet Policy   - School Internet Safety Policy - Trust

School Uniform Policy - School uniform and assistance policy

Relationships, Health and Sex Education

 RHSE policy "Journey in Love"        Yearly objectives for Journey in Love

Use of Reasonable Force Policy  - Use of Reasonable Force Policy

Website Privacy Policy -Website Privacy Policy

Whistleblowing policy  - Trust policy