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Through our Art, Design and Technology curriculum at St Joesph’s we intend to provide awe and wonder through creative opportunities that allow our children to develop and embed key skills through equipping them with the knowledge to be able to experiment, invent and create their own high quality works of art, craft, design and technology.


Pupils will be taught to use tools correctly and safely, embedding previous learning and refining skills. They will use a range of practical and technical expertise, allowing specific time to practise these skills.  Pupils will be encouraged to think critically, evaluating their own work and that of others in order to learn and reflect on their experiences. 


Pupils will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of great artists, architects and designers and their historical and cultural background. We will encourage the use of subject specific language through first hand learning experiences. 


Pupils will be encouraged to :express feelings and responses to the variety of creative arts globally; take risks, be innovative and develop independence to be enterprising and capable citizens. We will also give pupils the opportunity to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and food technology.


St Joseph’s Vision is to ensure Art, Design and Technology is inclusive to all, each child has the opportunity to express themselves through the creativity and inventiveness that Art, Design and Technology brings. We aim to ensure teachers teach Art and design confidently in a fun and creative way ensuring that children are engaged, inspired and challenged throughout each topic they are learning. Art, Design and Technology fires pupil’s imagination and gives them a chance to experiment and express their individual interests, thoughts and ideas. In turn creating well-rounded individuals that are not afraid to express themselves and be creative. Which is something necessary for our future society. 



At St Joseph’s we aim to provide the opportunities for children to practise key skills:

Art and Design Long-Term Plan